Love Yourself.


WHAT IS HE?!?!?!

I can feel you staring at me across the room…♪
I can feel you staring at me across the room…


excuse me does anyone have a moment to talk about camila’s nose

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feelin’ shady


feelin’ shady

@dinahjane97: that light hella caught me 😱😩I wasn’t ready 😩hahaha



I saw a few tweets about how amazing camila was to open up and be honest with her twitlonger which is great but why when lauren does the same she gets flack for it??¿¿¿¿

its the way they do it though. laurens way comes off way stronger. camilas is more light hearted. but still lauren shouldnt get shit for it. but its how some fans take it.

Fifth Harmony on MTV Wolf Watch tonight

Even if you cross my mind, I would always have to doubt you…
Basically Camila and Lauren in CC7 (via a-warrior-movin-on)